Cables and Cable Solutions for the Semiconductor Industry

Extreme flexibility thanks to innovative cable design and application-specific material selection

Many industries and applications require increasingly complex and largely particle-free components and systems. BizLink Tailor-Made Products supplies clean room cables for production areas and meets all requirements up to air purity class 1.

Various cable solutions not only meet cleanliness requirements, but also all the conditions required in ultra-high vacuum environments. Every application is analyzed by our engineers to better understand the specific requirements. A high degree of product purity, high speeds and precise movements are just some of the fundamental features in process equipment. 

By using special cladding materials, we achieve a high reduction in particulate emissions. Fluoropolymer based plastics have very high abrasion resistance. For vacuum applications, emission free materials are used and low-particle production in the clean room is a prerequisite. 

Manufactured under strictly controlled conditions, the products are used in the semiconductor industry, display industry, optics industry, metrology, aerospace technology, microstructure and nanostructure technology as well as packaging technology. To serve these high-tech niches, BizLink Tailor-Made Products has installed a cleanroom area of over 2,000 square metres with different degrees of purity.

BizLink Tailor-Made Products offers both cables for fixed installation and cables for mobile use for cleanroom technology. The outstanding emission behaviour is certified by independent test and customer certificates.

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