High Quality Custom Cables with Long Life Cycling Capabilities for a Reliable Performance

Bizlink elocab custom cables are designed to suit your application and survive harsh environments, high speed flexing and many other challenging installations.

custom hybrid round cable

BizLink elocab Custom Cables, Your Way to a Reliable Performance and Failure Proof Connection

When it comes to finding a solution provider that help you solve your cable breakage, failures problems and increased downtime, Bizlink is your partner that specializes in developing and manufacturing high-quality, durable cables.

With over 20 years of custom cable engineering and manufacturing in North America and a proven experience through more than 30,000 custom built cable designs, our team will help you get guaranteed solution for your application whether that's robotics, automation, SMT, Medical equipment or any other type of dynamic or static environment.

Bizlink Custom cables key features can be summarized as following:

  • Resistance towards complex, repeated bending movements.
  • Reliable operation at tight bend radii
  • Low friction results in cables that barely break.
  • Resistance towards twisting along the cable axis (torsion)
  • Low vibration for better performance and less noise

All our cables can be delivered with various approvals or certifications upon request.

Applications for Custom Cables

Automation Technology

Custom Industrial Robotics

  • Warehouse logistics robots
  • Collaborative robotics
  • Delta robot
Custom Industrial Robotics

Medical Equipment

  • Immunoassay & Hematology
  • Urinalysis & Microbiology/Molecular
  • Blood Banking & Chemistry Analyzers
Robotic Video Inspection


  • Laminated and hybrid designs, custom components.
  • Complete cable assemblies and prototype orders
  • Etching Equipment, Flat Panel Displays, Wafer Handling and Robotics

Overview of Custom Cables

custom hybrid round cable

Hybrid Extruded Round Cables

  • Collaborative Concept Development customized to your specific application
  • Hybrid designs can integrate many features, including fiber optics, coax, air/fluid, hoses
  • Manufactured to CE, UL, and CSA standards
  • Available in Extruded Flat configurations
  • Optimized for torsion
high performance flex cable

High Performance Flex & Flat Cable 

  • Bizlink’s HPF Cables can be designed to exceed 150 million
  • Components can include wide varieties of single wires, twisted  pairs, coaxial cables, data cables & optical fibers
  • Performs flex cycle at tight bend radii
  • ISO Class 1 Cleanroom Rated
clock spring technology cable

Clock Spring/ Arm joint

  • Replacement of torsion-optimized round cable with high-performance flex cable
  • Robot arm joint design for multi-axis movement
  • Allows extended degrees of rotational freedom
  • Tight routing of cable components utilized in a vacuum environment

Differentiators of Custom Cables

high tensile strength

Reduced Cable Breakage

  • Resistance to mechanical stress, crush, and tension
  • Extra strength cable available

premium product

Experience with Difficult Projects

  • Co-Development Partner with a history of Solving problems for complex applications
minimum order quantity

300 ft / 100 m MOQ

  • Low minimum order quantity to help reduce development cost

Services Available for Custom Cables

Technical Capabilities
Testing & Quality Assurance
Benefits from BizLink elocab

Technical Capabilities

  • Complete assembly solutions
  • Strip & crimp AWG50 to AWG12
  • Injection overmold capabilities
  • Soldered & bolted connections, heat shrinking, potting and more

Testing & Quality Assurance

  • Pin assignment
  • Electrical continuity
  • Insulation test for high voltage
  • Custom test requirements available upon request

Your Benefits

  • Rapid prototyping using aluminum inserts
  • State-of-the-art equipment & machinery
  • 360 Quality management system
  • Full-service cable system engineering solution intONE™



Take advantage of the expertise of 17,000 people in 32 locations in 20 countries, working with Fortune 500 companies and other highly innovative companies like yours with outstanding cables.


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