Measurement & High Frequency Technology

Signal transmission reliability and long service life

Measurement and high-frequency technology impose high demands regarding the accuracy and reliability of all components. This, in turn, sets the highest demands on the transmission of signals. BizLink elocab cables and conductors guarantee signal transmission reliability and a long service life despite providing maximum flexibility. Our products are tailored to this industry's requirements as a developer and producer of special custom cables and complete system solutions for the measurement and high-frequently technology sector. Our products range from the most undersized ultra miniature cables to sophisticated, application-specific custom hybrid cables. BizLink elocab custom cables for high frequencies go up to 40 GHz and provide precise surge impedance and specific capacity values in addition to their high flexibility and low attenuation. As a result, BizLink elocab guarantee reliable signal transmission even in mobile applications.


    Our solutions:

    • Single coaxial / triaxial cables
    • Multi-pair coaxial cables
    • Miniaturised coaxial cables
    • Hybrid cables with integrated bus, signal and power supply conductors
    • Miniaturised hybrid measurement cables
    • Sensor cables
    • Integrated measuring and image processing systems
    • Microwave cables

    Application Example Measuring Systems

    Round cable for portable, four-channel measuring systems on bridges

    In this application, the bridge measuring device is fitted directly to the bridge and measures the vibration caused by the ongoing road traffic. 

    The cable, in this case, must be resistant to chemicals and mechanically very robust. In addition, it has to have consistently low attenuation throughout its entire service life. Our custom round cable, which we developed specifically for this application, has consistent signal transmission properties, is just 6.4 mm thick, and is highly flexible. In addition, it is resistant to chemicals and provides reliable measurement readings over the long term.

    Application Example High Flex Probe Cable

    High-flex probe cable for analyzers

    The challenge for the miniaturized 18 GHz probe cable is that the signal transmission properties must remain consistent during movement.

    Exceptionally high cable flexibility is needed to enable easy and simple handling of the manually guided probe. This shielded custom miniature cable with a diameter of just 1.65 mm fulfills all the requirements and has been used successfully for years.