Custom Robotics Clock Spring Motion Cup Cable Assembly - High Performance Flex Cable

Bizlink Elocab offers the perfect solution for any robotics application which requires the cable to travel back and forth in a clock spring motion, such as robotic arms in surgical robots, SMT pick and place machines, and warehouse inventory control robots.

clock spring technology - custom robotics cable

Superior Performance Custom Robotics Cables and Cable Handling Products

Bizlink elocab Ltd. is a world leader in the production and reliability of our custom robotics cables and cable assemblies. Our flat style "High Performance Flex" (HPF) cables can flex and bend at a tight bend radius up to 150 million cycles over lifetime.

We use these cables in the design of our popular "Clock Spring Motion Cup Cable Assemblies." Our customers work with us to design these customized assemblies into their toughest robotic end products, such as medical surgical robots, warehouse inventory control robots, semiconductor processing equipment, etc.

Like the steering wheel in a car, a clock spring cup assembly is the right solution when you have a back and forth circular rotation part in your machine, which needs to provide electrical and mechanical connection between the rotation section, and the rest of your machine.

Our cables are offered as Class 1 clean room ready as a standard product and can upgrade to extreme cleanliness levels as required. These HPF hybrid cables may include various copper components, fiber optics, and tubes for air or fluids. We can eliminate the need for any cable support tracks by using our self-support members internally built into the cables. 

Applications for Custom Robotics Cables

medical surgical robots- custom robotics cables

Medical Surgical Robots

  • Robotic arm joints for controlled movement of surgical tools used on the patient.
  • Injection molded cup houses the cable and then releases the cable to the robot arm on command.
  • Cup assembly provides complete circular rotation to support the robot arm motion.
Warehouse Inventory Control Robot - custom robotics cables

Warehouse Inventory Control Robot

  • The clock spring cup cable assembly supports the robot arms in pick and place of raw material inventory items.
  • Such as a turret motion in an armored gun in a tank, the clock spring assembly provides side to side motion in picking up the inventory items and placing them into a basket.
  • The injection molded cup in the assembly houses the cable when not in use, and releases the cable to the robotic arms on command, in a fast and yet smooth motion.
Semiconductor Processing, Test and Inspection Robots - custom robotics cables

Semiconductor Processing, Test & Inspection Robots

  • The clock spring cup cable assembly works with the robot arms of this type of machine to pick and place semiconductor chips, or provide fast inspection and test movements.
  • The clock spring cup assembly is Class 1 clean room ready, and can be provided in even higher standards of cleanliness as required.
  • The clock spring cup assembly works extremely fast to house the cable when not in use, and release the cable at the needed speed of the semiconductor processing machine.

Overview of Custom Cables and Cable Assemblies

HPF Rolling - custom robotics cables
HPF Robotic Arm Joint - custom robotics cables
HPF Rotational - custom robotics cables

HPF Rolling

  • Up to 150 million flex cycles
  • Low friction in motion
  • Hybrid cable designs

HPF Robotic Arm Joint

  • Robot arm joint design for multi-axis movement
  • Allows extended degrees of rotational freedom
  • Tight routing of cable components utilized in a vacuum environment

HPF Rotational

  • Up to 150 million flex cycles
  • Low friction in motion
  • Hybrid cable designs

Differentiators of Custom Robotics Cables

high tensile strength

Reduced Cable Breakage

Resistance to mechanical stress and tension, extra strength cable

Premium product - custom robotics cable


Long-lastingApprovals available (UL, CE CSA, etc.)

minimum order quantity - Premium product - custom robotics cable

300 ft / 100 m MOQ

Low minimum order quantity to reduce your development cost

Services Available for Custom Cables

technical capabilities
testing and quality assurance

Technical Capabilities

  • Complete assembly solutions
  • Strip & crimp AWG50 to AWG12
  • Injection overmold capabilities
  • Soldered & bolted connections, heat shrinking, potting

Testing &  Quality Assurance

  • Pin assignment
  • Electrical continuity
  • Insulation test for high voltage
  • Custom test requirements available upon request

Your Benefits

  • Rapid prototyping
  • State-of-the-art equipment & machinery
  • 360 Quality management system
  • Full-service cable system engineering solution intONE™



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