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Machinery & Sensors – our activities in the industrial business

We offer our customers wide-ranging product and manufacturing know-how, superior system competencies and comprehensive services.

We work with our customers to develop solutions capable of meeting individual requirements across a wide range of industries that includes semiconductors, mechanical engineering, measurement and high-frequency technology, miniaturisation, high-temperature applications and multimedia.
Our professional consulting service covers problem analysis, project planning, technical documentation and complete system solutions.

Thanks to our team of highly qualified employees, we are always one step ahead in the development of new products.  We get involved with technological innovations early on and provide high-quality, competent and reliable solutions to implement our customers’ requirements.



BizLink quality management

The outstanding quality and reliability of our products and solutions are what makes our name a brand. With these attributes we are setting standards across the global market. The certification of our quality management systems is rigorously documented. Along with continual improvement, we specifically focus on our product and process quality as well as responding promptly to customer and market demands as corner-stones of our quality policy. For, after all, it is our customers who set our quality targets.


A consistently high level of quality is vital for our products. This means that the entire process at BizLink, from planning a product through to its completion, is constantly monitored. Our quality management system is DIN ISO 9001:2008 certified. These are constantly monitored. For the manufacture and sale of products for the North American market we are able to apply over 650 different UL styles.

Quality tests

Numerous quality tests throughout our production processes guarantee the quality of our cables and cable systems. The longevity of our products in their applications is tested in long-term endurance tests.

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BizLink environmental management

We do not regard financial success and environmental responsibility as a contradiction in terms. That’s why protecting the environment is an intrinsic element of our corporate activities. Our DIN ISO 14001 certified environmental management system enables us to ensure that our environmental policy is effectively implemented.

Environmentally-friendly and safe

Naturally, a large part of our cable range comes in a halogen-free version. This not only protects the environment, but also contributes to your safety because of minimum smoke and non-corrosiveness in the event of a fire.

BizLink energy management

Sustainable action will secure the future of our company. In line of economic, environmental and social requirements, we take our social responsibility. We are committed to the continual improvement of energy efficiency and sustainable resource utilisation.

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Research & development

Customised connectors

Varying demands are made on the connection system depending on the material, nominal cross section and components used. We will provide you with support as early as the concept phase, identify critical marginal conditions with you and develop prototypes.

Optimised production processes

Constant further development of existing production processes is essential for making special cables. For example in the area of miniaturisation we are developing production technologies which in themselves resemble small-scale cable production lines. In such specialised manufacturing cells we make products that achieve high packing-density with optimum electrical properties.

Our production processes also must constantly be adapted due to ever increasing data rates and transfer speeds. Thanks to our innovative BizLinkZELL® foaming technology to refine the core dielectric, the transfer properties of a cable are optimised whilst achieving very small diameters.

Material development

BizLink develops and uses jacket and insulation materials that meet the demand for a high degree of safety and durability, both indoors and outdoors, mobile or fixed, on land, in water or also under extreme conditions of use.

Along with thermoplastics, elastomers and thermoplastic elastomers this also includes particularly resilient fluoropolymers as well as silicone rubber. We are also familiar with processing glass fiber and mica materials.


BizLink is committed to providing visitors with emergency information in an accessible way upon request. BizLink will also provide employees with disabilities individualized emergency response information if BizLink is made aware of the need for accommodation.


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