Flat cables & ribbon cables

Optimum flex and durability

Thanks to their application-specific construction, flat cables, or ribbon cables, provide optimum flex and durability in applications involving constant movement, especially in flexlife use where the cable is moved along its longitudinal axis. Design elements include highly stranded copper conductors, hybrid construction with air hoses, outer jackets that are geared to optimum movement properties with special materials as well as integrated strain relief elements.

Advantages at a glance:

  • the cable’s flat side makes it possible to achieve a small bending radius
  • the wide side provides high position stability
  • thanks to the high stability of tailor-made ribbon cables, they can over short and medium lengths be directed without using a drag chain, thereby reducing costs to the user

BizLink developed its special HPF (high-performance flex) ribbon cable for applications in which more than 10 million flex cycles with extremely tight flex radii are required and which is available in customised designs from 100 m production length.

    Fields of application:

    Product characteristics:

      • assembly robots
      • lift technology
      • flame retardant
      • highly flexible
      • sunlight resistant
      • halogen free
      • oil resistant
      • chemical resistant
      • RoHS compliant