BizLink elocab Cables Bring Light to World Tennis Competition

BizLink elocab Cables Bring Light to World Tennis Competition

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Challenges and Objectives

A long-standing customer of BizLink Elocab, who is a leader in telescopic mast vehicles used in the industrial and military markets, reached out to BizLink elocab to help with the design of a new telescopic cable coil that would be used in special lighting for a world-known tennis competition in Europe.

Assessment/ Evaluation

The newly designed cable coil would help provide lighting and communications for multiple lighting towers at this event. One of the biggest challenges our engineering team would face is the tight tolerances required in these mast products.

Inside diameters are critical in the performance of these products, and the BizLink elocab engineering team designed the cable with a focus on critical dimensions and keeping high flexibility in mind to perform continuously in outdoor environments, including raising and lowering the masts, rain, wind, and cold temperatures.


After reviewing the overall design with the customer and implementing necessary changes to the current design, the BizLink elocab engineering team presented a solution that would meet all the customer’s requirements.


We were happy to work to find a solution and be a part of such a prestigious championship, and we look forward to continuing to work with this world-class customer on many new projects in the future.

Optimize your Cable Design Project

When developing a new project, we recommend reviewing the cable and assembly simultaneously. Then, our engineering team will review the overall design and suggest the best solution.

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