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custom cables for robotic arm joint

Challenges and Objectives

The challenge came to the BizLink elocab team when the customer had a new robotic arm design that faced problems installing as the arm had two directions in the upper and lower half and used an off-the-shelf cable. Unfortunately, the wires were failing as the movement was putting too much stress on the cable, which did not fit in the space.

Assessment/ Evaluation

Our engineering team understood the problem and then worked with the customer and went into detail about the actual requirement and the space available to fit the cable in, providing the motion of the robot arm and still achieving the number of cycles they required.


For that, our engineers performed with the customer-shared robot model and designed the complete cable assembly to fit in the available tight space and still give the same rotation required in the robot arm and flexible cable to achieve the flex cycles. 

Furthermore, our team designed the assembly so that two assemblies could be connected in one and became a plug-and-play solution for the customer.

Key Benefit for the Customer

With BizLink elocab Custom cables and harnesses, the customer gets a highly reliable product and a plug-and-play solution that makes it easier for their technicians to install and saves time and money with fewer chances of blunders.

Optimise your Cable Design Project 

When developing a new project, we recommend simultaneously reviewing the cable and assembly. Then, our engineering team will review the overall design and suggest the best custom cable solution. 

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