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Custom Cable and Interconnect Systems Tailor-Made to Satisfy Your Interconnect Needs.

BizLink elocab Ltd.

BizLink elocab Ltd. - A Canadian success story since 1996

BizLink elocab Ltd. is North America's leading manufacturer of custom cables, and specialty interconnect systems solutions. BizLink elocab Ltd. is a 100% subsidiary of the BizLink Group. Together with its sister company, BizLink elocab GmbH, BizLink elocab represents the custom cable division of BizLink.

BizLink elocab, Canada is a market leader in high-end cabling solutions in challenging applications and extreme environments such as industrial automation, warehousing systems, semiconductor lithography, and medical diagnostics. Especially in the latter two applications, low outgassing, participation, and high cleanliness levels are essential. BizLink, therefore, offers cable manufacturing and assembly system production, each in a clean room environment.

When developing a new project, we recommend reviewing the cable and assembly simultaneously. Then, our engineering team will review the overall design and suggest the best solution.

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Applications for BizLink elocab Custom Cables

Advanced Manufacturing Cables

Advanced Manufacturing

Higher quality production processes & end products

Higher reliability in extreme conditions for outdoor operations in rough/hazardous environments

Automation Technology, Custom Industrial Robotics, Robotic Video Inspection

Custom Semiconductor Cables


Laminated and hybrid designs, custom components

Complete cable assemblies and prototype orders

Etching Equipment, Flat Panel Displays, Wafer Handling and Robotics

Custom Laboratory Cables

Laboratory Automation

Special designs for hand-held applications

Materials utilized that are easy to clean and sterilize

Extreme operating temperatures and conditions

Overview of BizLink elocab Custom Cables

High performance flex cables
Custom Round Cable
Flexible sleeve technology

High Performance Flex Cable (HPF) 

  • HPF Cables can be designed to exceed 150 million flex cyclesat tight bend radii
  • Flexible components such as single wires, twisted pairs and optical fibers & tubes
  • Maximum flexibility, optimized low friction and ultra-low particulation

Custom Round Cable

  • Collaborative Concept Development available in Extruded Flat configurations
  • Hybrid designs can integrate many features, including fiber optics, coax, air/fluid, hoses
  • Manufactured to CE, UL, and CSA standards

Custom Systems and Assemblies

  • Full turn-key assembly from bulk cables to connectors and housings
  • Soldered and Bolted Connections, Heat Shrinking, Injection Overmold Capabilities
  • Strip & crimp AWG50 to AWG12

Differentiators of BizLink Custom Cables

High tensile strength

Reduced Cable Breakage

Resistance to mechanical stress and tension, extra strength cable

Premium product durability

Experience with Difficult Projects

Partner with a history of Solving problems for complex applications

Minimum order quantity

300 ft / 100 m MOQ

Low minimum order quantity to reduce your development cost

Exceptional Services Provided

Technical capabilities
Testing and quality assurance
Benefits provided from BizLink elocab

Technical Capabilities

  • Complete assembly solutions
  • Strip & crimp AWG50 to AWG12
  • Injection overmold capabilities
  • Soldered & bolted connections, heat shrinking, potting

Testing &  Quality Assurance

  • Pin assignment
  • Electrical continuity
  • Insulation test for high voltage
  • Custom test requirements available upon request

Your Benefits

  • Rapid prototyping
  • State-of-the-art equipment & machinery
  • 360 Quality management system
  • Full-service cable system engineering solution intONE™



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