Joint Design of Cables and Cables Harnesses

At BizLink, we enjoy working with our customers to design high performance custom cable solutions. We are always looking for ways to give BizLink customers more value and a smooth, efficient one-step project process.


The challenge came when the customer presented us with an assembly drawing after we successfully produced the prototype for an HPF cable that would fit into the small space of a robot. Only then did we discover that the cable’s outside diameter (OD) was smaller than the minimum OD required by some of the contacts selected by the customer.

Wire OD and contact mismatch is a problem that can be identified during cable and cable assembly design.

Present our customers with a checklist of possible specifications that could be easily overlooked when planning a project. Go through each step of the design checklist with our customer to ensure we meet all assembly requirements. Make sure we have all the pertinent information to deliver an effective cable and harness solution, in one step.

Key Benefit for Customer
Your BizLink HPF cables and connector solutions are custom designed to your specifications to give you a high performing and reliable product. Our design checklist consultation and one step process will save you time and costs. 

Optimize your Cable Design Project
When developing a new project, we highly recommend that you review both the cable and assembly at the same time. Our engineering team will review the overall design and make suggestions for the best possible solution. 

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