Copper/Fiber Hybrid Cables for Advanced Applications

We are excited to introduce our upgraded Copper/Fiber Hybrid cables providing better performance.



  • The need for high speed and reliable data transmission solutions
  • The need for a complete solution for integrating fiber optic cables with other wires in a hybrid cable as well as perform connectors assembly.

When it comes to data transmission, optical fibers have many advantages over copper wires. Optical fibers provide extremely high bandwidth which allows more data to be carried than with copper cables.
It also allows signals to be transmitted at high speed for longer distances with very low power loss. As they transmit the data in the form of light pulses, fiber optic cables are not impacted by electromagnetic interference, therefore, we can integrate them into the same cable with the other wires without worry.

Our custom cable solutions provide many options to add optical fibers with other components in the same cable. We provide fiber optic cables, furcation tubes, and empty tubes to insert buffer-coated fibers. Testing fiber optic cable assembly is required to determine the performance of the cable and all connected components (such as connectors, splices, etc.) and to confirm their performance and reliability in the whole communication network.

Key Benefits for Customers
It is one-stop-shop for fiber optic cable solutions, as under one roof, our customers get their fiber optic cable as a stand-alone or integrated in a hybrid cable with complete cable assembly, which saves them time and cost.  
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