Cat7 High Flex Cable at tight bend radius

Experience the big difference for you and your clients requiring superior data transfer capabilities featuring 50 million high speed rolling flex cycles.


What happens when you take a network cable designed to transmit data in the walls of an office/data center and stick it on the end of a robot that will subject it to more G-forces than a space shuttle launch? It's likely going to fail! Typically, a data transmission cable uses materials and construction optimized for data transmission, but these materials and construction are often not suited to flexing or high stress which leads to cable failure as well as signal integrity issues.

Cable optimized for high flex often has poor data transmission performance.

Premium materials were selected, and subtle construction modifications were made to keep the cable suitable for flex, while still achieving the target data transmission characteristics, and compatibility with available connectors.

This Cat 7 component will be integrated into custom cables for more extreme flexing applications using high performance flex cables (HPF) and flexible sleeve technology (FST). We are also working on other custom cable configurations for different applications.

Key Benefit for Customer
The Cat7 cable is capable of performing >50 million high speed rolling flex cycles at a tight bend radius and still pass Cat7 testing.

Optimize your Cable Design Project
When developing a new project, we highly recommend to review both the cable and assembly at the same time. If requested, our engineering team can look at the overall design and make suggestions for the best possible design.

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