Providing our customers with a quality cable they can trust

After having issues receiving consistent product lot to lot from their current supplier and seeing the quality cable provided by BizLink, this tactical communications company decided to make the switch to the BizLink quality difference!


Kitchener – After completing a successful first design and cable production with BizLink, this
tactical communications OEM reached out to BizLink to get design support for another cable
design for their communication products used by Security, Military and Law Enforcement
agencies around the world.

When we first started working with this customer, they had shared their history and frustration
of working with several other cable houses and not receiving consistent product lot to lot.  After
seeing and experiencing the quality cable product they received from BizLink, they decided to
have other products designed by us. They specifically required a thin jacket wall to meet the
application dimensions and a strong desire for a nice round cable with a very specific fill and
jacket texture.

Each of the requirements, although not unique, can at times be challenging by themselves.
BizLink helped to educate the customer of their various options in both materials,
manufacturing process and the trade-off for each.

With BizLink’s industry leading MOQ’s of 100m (300ft), our customer was able to have two
small volume sample runs completed for evaluation. Feedback from the customer on these
was “it was the best finished cable they had seen to date”.

Optimize your Cable Design Project

When developing a new project, we highly recommend that you review both the cable and
assembly at the same time. Our engineering team will review the overall design and make
suggestions for the best possible solution.

To find out how BizLink can help you on your next project, contact the BizLink team today!
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