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Digital camera sensor systems that are adapted to the application environment are now state of the art in the field of monitoring and control of stationary as well as moving applications. BizLink Tailor-Made Products has established itself with its customized cables in many different applications of camera sensor systems.


The connecting cables are used for digital signal transmission via Ethernet or single-pair Ethernet to ensure the transmission of high-resolution image data in real time.  

Outstanding features of these cables are their durability and the ability to maintain small tolerances in their dimensions. Camera cables must always be adapted to the environment in which they are used. They must be just as robust as the camera and also withstand vibrations, cold, heat and moisture. In this specific example, the connecting cable is halogen-free, flame-retardant and oil-resistant, and has a support braid for strain relief. The cable is also UL certified and thus approved for the US market. Thanks to the optimized lay lengths, the cable can also be used with the smallest bending radii. BizLink Tailor-Made Products makes it possible to tailor each cable exactly to the environment, thus developing the right customer-specific solution for each application.

The product's durability is made possible by a special thermoplastic outer jacket material. The sophisticated outer jacket compound also prevents the cable from outgassing, becoming brittle, hardening or shrinking during its long service life.

A long-time business partner is a large German manufacturer of digital camera sensor systems. These systems are used in many different applications. Examples include access control in parking garages, for monitoring wear parts in general mechanical engineering, and environmental control for forklifts, for example.

The company relies on BizLink's quality products for these applications. The cables are precisely tailored to each individual product, which makes it easier to integrate them into a wide variety of applications. Among other things, the cables are color-coded according to specific specifications, which greatly simplifies assembly and further processing. To simplify the assembly process, the cable is also provided with a continuous meter marking.

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