Industry leading MOQ's help this developing company launch their new product

An Alaskan company, manufacturing robotic pipeline crawlers for the oil and gas industry, approached BizLink to design and manufacture two cables to be used in their newest robot. Because this was a first-generation robot, they were looking to work with a company that could manufacture in small production volumes under 1000 ft. The cables needed to maintain flexibility without wear or component breakdown all while performing at low temperatures.


BizLink’s engineering team reviewed the application further, which required the first cable to
include components capable of connecting to a camera and the two cables would transfer the
images gathered from an x-ray tube.

BizLink’s experience in building cables for a variety of temperature ranges and high flexing
applications allowed our engineering team to provide a concept quickly for the customer.

The cable design worked perfectly for the application needs and this customer went on to have
many years of excellent cable performance with no field failures! For low MOQ’s and
prototyping reach out to us.

Optimize your Cable Design Project

When developing a new project, we highly recommend that you review both the cable and
assembly at the same time. Our engineering team will review the overall design and make
suggestions for the best possible solution.

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