Improve Cable Design and Performance for Hospital Bed

A leading provider of custom, application-specific engineered systems to OEMs, required a complex, multi-terminated flat style robotics cable assembly for use in a hospital-clinic patient bed, for a wellknown top 50 Fortune 500 medical OEM.

The main challenge was to replace the existing individual round cables, which were not fully functional. The tight space restrictions and tight bend radius locations made it difficult to design the cable.


Our BizLink engineering team reviewed all technical aspects with the customer to gain a full
understanding of what they needed. After listening to the challenges, they were having with
their current cable product, we presented some ideas that would overcome the obstacles.
The BizLink engineering team then provided drawings for prototypes and a quote which the
customer reviewed and approved.

Bizlink elocab provided our customer with a fully functional flat style robotics flexing cable, leading to
an excellent custom cable assembly to ensure that the patient bed would function properly.

Our customer received the right custom cable solution for their demanding application which greatly
improved the overall functionality of their equipment. We were pleased to receive their initial order
for 11 assemblies.
BizLink elocab has worked successfully with many engineering companies to develop feasible end
solutions for their customers.

When developing a new project, we highly recommend to review both the cable and assembly
at the same time. Our engineering team will review the overall design and make suggestions
for the best possible solution.
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