Custom Robotic & High Flex Automation Cables

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BizLink understands the need to have a small footprint while meeting high electrical requirements.  Lower your preventative maintenance costs with a cable that supports up to 150 million flex cycles

Why use a tailor-made cable for robotics & high flex automation

BizLink supports robotics applications that require a tighter bend radius and perform under torsion in a clockspring motion. Our custom flat and round cables made in North America are available in complete assemblies and have proven to meet our customers biggest challenges.

Custom automation cables

  • Linear drives
  • Semiconductor applications
  • Clean room cable systems
  • and much more

Custom surgical robotic cables

  • Computer-assisted surgery (CAS)
  • Monitoring / information systems
  • Electro surgical systems
  • and much more

Custom industrial robotics

  • Warehouse logistics robots
  • Collaborative robotics
  • Humanoid robots
  • and much more

How our cables make a difference

BizLink brings unique values to each custom designed robotic and automation cable and cable assembly.

Unbreakable cables

Our cables withstand up to 150 million flex cycles avoiding equipment downtime.

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Continuous motion flex

Our automation & robotic cables resist complex, repeated bending movements.

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Torsional high flex

Our custom flat cable allows twisting along its axis. Tension stressing as well as cable bending may occur in this situation.

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Tight bend radius

Linear motion will often result in cable rolling. Our custom flat cables are built to reliably operate at tight bend radii.

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Technical capabilities

  • Strip & crimp AWG50 to AWG12
  • Injection overmold capabilities
  • Soldered & bolted connections, heat shrinking, potting and more

Testing & quality assurance

  • Pin assignment
  • Electrical continuity
  • Insulation test for high voltage
  • Custom test requirements available upon request

Your benefits

  • Rapid prototyping using aluminum inserts
  • State of the art equipment & machinery
  • 360 Quality management system
  • Full service cable system engineering solution intONE™