BizLink elocab is your partner in the mechanical engineering sector, no matter whether you require halogen-free cables, flexible leads, resistance to torsion and high tensile load, or too-aggressive media. We will provide you with full support in developing the right product for your application. In addition to the excellent electrical and mechanical properties that we deliver to our cables, we have a wide variety of materials at our disposal that enables us to assist our customers with know-how and expert advice also when it is a matter of going beyond common products.

Cables and Systems for Mechanical Engineering

Modern, highly complex machines impose high demands on the cables and systems.

As a full-line provider of custom bulk cables and complete cable solutions, we offer flexible and customer-specific solutions for the following areas of application:

  • Food Processing and Packaging Machines
  • Machine Tools
  • Printing Machines
  • Production Systems
  • Specialized Machinery
  • Conveyor Equipment Assembly
  • Handling System

Application Example for Printing Machines

Cable systems for printing machines

This cable system is required to lay exceptionally flexible and in the tightest of spaces. In addition, the components used for this purpose must be resistant to both aggressive media and heat. Therefore, BizLink elocab has designed a complex, ready-to-install system that fulfills all requirements with a hybrid solution that combines signal, media, and power supply.

Besides our custom cable system solutions, we offer you remarkable services such as consulting, project management, sample production, fatigue testing, assembly and technical documentation, change management, and spare parts through to complex logistics solutions.

Application Example for Industrial Inkjet Printers

Hybrid round cables for industrial inkjet printers

This application requires the cable to be designed as thinly as possible. Extreme flexibility, resistance to aggressive media, and heavy mechanical stress are additional requirements for the product. Constant and interference-free signal transmission is a must.

BizLink elocab has designed a custom hybrid cable with the lowest outer diameter possible and EMC-optimised shielding. This custom hybrid cable enables the print head with complex supply and control functions. In addition, the solution is highly durable and resistant to mechanical stress due to its good stability to aggressive media and utmost flexibility. With this cable, you will extend your product's service life and save costs.

Application Example for High-Speed Pick & Place Assembly

Motor custom hybrid cable for high-speed pick & place assembly

Deployment in high-speed pick & place assembly requires a cable to be designed for a long service life even though it must operate in constricted spaces and at high acceleration rates.

In this flat ribbon hybrid cable, we integrated motor, transducer, and air and sensor cables. It provides high performance and dirt resistance. This sophisticated cable design enables up to 120 cycles per minute and increases productivity. In addition, its extremely long service life reduces maintenance expenses and minimizes equipment failures.